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Lookbook Overview

Lookbook is a tool to help develop, test and document ViewComponents in isolation.

It provides a UI to let you browse your component library and preview your components alongside code samples and documentation.

Lookbook is built on top of ViewComponent’s native preview classes so works out-of-the-box for new and existing projects alike.

This documentation is for Lookbook v1.0+. Documentation for older releases can be found in the 0.9.x branch of the Lookbook repo →

Lookbook Demo

If you want to have a quick play with Lookbook, the easiest way is to give the demo app a spin. It’s a basic Rails/ViewComponent app with a few test components included to tinker with.


If you’d rather dig in a bit more and run the demo app locally, the demo repo contains instructions on how to get it up and running.

Who uses Lookbook?

Using Lookbook? Send a pull request to update this list!