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Lifecycle Hooks

A number of lifecycle hooks are available for use in triggering actions outside of Lookbook.

All hook callback blocks are yielded a Lookbook instance as the first argument. Some hooks additionally supply other arguments - see below for details.

Available hooks


Run once Lookbook has been set up and the initial parsing of files has been completed.

Lookbook.after_initialize do |app|
  puts "Lookbook version #{app.version} has started"
  puts "There are #{app.previews.size} previews and #{app.pages.size} pages"
  # other code here...


Run each time a change is detected to a file that Lookbook is watching, unless listening for changes has been disabled in the config.

Receives a hash as the second argument with :modified, :added, and :removed properties, each of which is an array of affected file paths.

Lookbook.after_change do |app, changes|
  puts "Modified files: #{changes.modified.join("\n")}"
  puts "Added files: #{changes.added.join("\n")}"
  puts "Removed files: #{changes.removed.join("\n")}"


Run when the current process exits, after Lookbook has stopped any listeners.

Lookbook.after_initialize do |app|
  puts "Shutting down..."